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Polish Chairmanship in the cooperation of the Ministers responsible for spatial planning and development VASAB – frame programme

1 July 2015 - 30 June 2016
1. Subject and priorities of the Polish chairmanship

The aim of the Polish chairmanship is to support an integrated territorially oriented approach (place-based approach) in the programming and implementation of public policies at different spatial scales and thematic areas.

Implementation of this objective will be the continuation of the efforts performed during the Polish Presidency of the EU Council in 2011 in the field of territorial cohesion and urban development.

Acting within this framework and using the Committee on Spatial Planning and Development of the Baltic Sea Region (VASAB Committee) as a platform for exchange of knowledge and good practice, the priorities of the Polish chairmanship are the three themes important for the Baltic Sea Region:

  • Urban issues,
  • Maritime spatial planning,
  • Territorial monitoring.

The ambition of the Polish chairmanship in VASAB will also be strengthening the coordination between the activities of the VASAB Committee and other important pan- Baltic organizations, especially the Council of the Baltic Sea States.

2. Calendar of events under the Polish Chairmanship

2.1. Conference: "Integrated Approach to Spatial Development of Europe – five years later, Baltic Sea Region as an example of successful implementation".

  • May 2016, Warsaw

The two-day conference summarizing the strategic processes and activities taking place in Europe, with particular emphasis on the Baltic Sea Region, and presenting progress in implementation of the territorially oriented approach made since the last conference Integrated Approach to the Spatial Development of Europe - Meaning of Territorial Cohesion, which was held in February 2011 in Warsaw.

2.2. Meetings of the Joint HELCOM-VASAB Maritime Spatial Planning Working Group
Two international meetings of the Working Group are planned, which will focus on the approximation of a shared vision for the Baltic Sea and the definition of the consistent rules for cross-border spatial planning. Additionally to Working Group meetings the Baltic Sea Region Maritime Spatial planning Data Expert Subgroup will be carried out in Riga.

  • October 2015, Riga
  • February 2016, Gdańsk

2.3. Meetings of the VASAB Committee
Poland plans to organize three VASAB Committee meetings back to back with workshops discussing more in depth the means and ways of implementing above mentioned priorities.
For each of the meetings, besides some issues fixed firmly rooted in all VASAB Committee meetings, tentatively scheduled on one topic – priority Chairmanship – which will be further discussed in the frame of a full or half day workshop.

  • October 2015, Łódź: "Workshop on revitalisation and VASAB input to EU urban agenda process",
  • February 2016, Gdańsk: "Workshop on future cooperation in maritime spatial planning",
  • June 2016, Kraków: "Workshop on territorial monitoring systems".


icon Polish Chairmanship in the cooperation of the Ministers responsible for spatial planning and development VASAB – frame programme (1 July 2015 - 30 June 2016)

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