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Thursday, 18 August 2016 14:07

Baltic LINes activities


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BSR MSP data infrastructure

The project will be piloting the first ever Baltic Sea Region Maritime Spatial Planning (BSR MSP) data infrastructure, creating access to transnational MSP data needed for making spatial allocations for use in shipping and energy. This data infrastructure will allow storage and access of MSP data beyond the project's lifetime and may be expanded to other sectors.


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Future requirements for MSP for shipping and energy

 Considering the forecast economic, environmental as well as technological developments, Baltic LINes project partners will find out about the shipping and energy sectors' requirements for MSP and their spatial implications. The information gathered will be visualised in scenarios with the help of the MSP Challenge – an innovative computer-supported simulation game based on accurate data and sectors' feedback.


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Transnationally coherent planning solutions for linear infrastructures

Planners will jointly agree on planning criteria, taking into account sectoral requirements for MSP and the ecosystem approach. They will determine options for planning solutions for shipping routes and energy infrastructure, which will be consulted with sectors. The national MSP processes will be informed about the final suggested planning solutions, which are expected to be taken up in national maritime spatial plans.


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Recommendations for a formalised BSR agreement on transboundary consultations

 In order to set conditions for a continuous transnational MSP coordination, Baltic LINes will develop recommendations for a BSR agreement on transboundary consultations on linear infrastructures within the MSP process. These recommendations will be presented to the HELCOM-VASAB MSP Working Group.



MSP Challenge


MSP Challenge 2050

There will be elaborated Baltic Sea edition for a computer-based MSP simulation game which currently exists in a North Sea version. The tool is based on accurate data, with multi-dimensional visualizations and feedback. The game will be used for gathering information from sector stakeholders, raising their awareness for MSP and other sectors' requirements and visualising scenarios as well as planning solutions.


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