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Monday, 05 September 2016 08:23

MSP Challenge 2050

MSP Challenge 2050

MSP Challenge 2050 is a computer-supported simulation game based on accurate data, with multidimensional visualizations and feedback that gives maritime spatial planners insight in the diverse challenges of sustainable planning of human activities in the marine and coastal ecosystem. The game currently exists in a North Sea version and has so far proven to be an effective tool for raising awareness of the various MSP stakehoders for the processes involved in MSP.

Baltic LINes will now develop the "MSP Challenge 2050 Baltic Sea edition“  and use it for expert and stakeholder workshops throughout the Baltic Sea Region. The game will be used for gathering information from sector stakeholders, raising their awareness for MSP and other sectors' requirements and visualising scenarios as well as planning solutions. Also beyond the lifetime of the project, the game can be used for these purposes.

The Baltic Sea edition will be developed by cooperation team of HELCOM and Aalborg University, which will work on preparing and integrating the Baltic Spatial Data Infrastructure in the MSP Challenge, and NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, which provides design and software development as well as moderation expertise.

Learn more about MSP Challenge 2050:


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