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Monday, 30 October 2017 13:32

New reports available!

BSR MSP data infrastructure for shipping routes and energy corridors
New reports available!

One of the Baltic LINes project activities, led by HELCOM, is to provide updated data for maritime spatial planners via a prototype of a Baltic Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI) which will access open standard datasets. The report “Data needs and availability” developed by HELCOM emphasises the need for data in order to propose planning solutions for linear infrastructure (cables and pipelines), fixed installations such as wind farms or shipping routes in the Baltic Sea.

The first step towards designing the prototype MSDI is to evaluate what kind of data planners need and what is actually available in each country. This report summarizes the dataset list and gives an overview of the missing datasets. This report will be constantly updated to provide an up-to-date overview of the publicly available and relevant MSP datasets in the Baltic Sea Region.

Download the report "Data Needs and Availability"


The project partners from Aalborg University have published a scientific paper "A System Architecture for a Transnational Data Infrastructure Supporting Maritime Spatial Planning”. The aim of this research is to build a conceptual model for a data infrastructure to support marine space in a transnational context addressing the challenges related to the increasing use of marine areas and resources. The work was carried out in a close cooperation between several public authorities and research institutes in the Baltic Sea Region.
This scientific paper is available here.


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