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Thursday, 08 February 2018 14:16

Baltic LINes Outputs

rinkis jura

Here you can find and download all the outputs of the project "Baltic LINes":



Download the Baltic LINes report on shipping in the Baltic Sea    Report "Shipping in the Baltic Sea: Past, Present and Future Developments Relevant for Maritime Spatial Planning" was developed by Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) under Work Package 2.1. "Screen and analyse available information, data and maps related to shipping in the Baltic Sea".
Download the Baltic LINes report on data availability   The report "Data needs and availability" developed by HELCOM emphasises the need for data in order to propose planning solutions for linear infrastructure (cables and pipelines), fixed installations such as wind farms or shipping routes in the Baltic Sea.
Download the Baltic LINes report on data exchange and dissemination  

The report developed by Aalborg University summarizes the results of the analysis of the prerequisites for a Systems Architecture for a Transnational Data Infrastructure for MSP.



Download the Baltic LINes report "Stakeholder Involvement in Long-term Maritime Spatial Planning: Latvian Case"   The report developed by the Latvian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development is a summary of the experience gained and the successful and unsuccessful practices, provided to the parties involved in the long-term development planning of different sectors as an example of a possible approach for involving sectoral representatives in future development planning in Latvia.
Download the study "Capacity Densities of European Offshore Wind Farms"  

A study dealing with the prospective capacity density of European offshore wind farms concentrates on two key questions: What mean capacity density (MW per kmĀ²) can be assumed for future offshore wind farms? How do different national regulatory frameworks influence capacity density? The present study has been conducted by the German consultancy Deutsche WindGuard GmbH.



Download the report "Exploring the future of shipping in the Baltic Sea"  

This report deals with the scenarios building activities done under the Baltic LINes project. The goal of this report is to discuss the results of the shipping scenario activities along different themes and thereby provide suggestions for other activities in the project, for example the development of recommendations for MSP.