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EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region - Horizontal Action „Spatial Planning”

Encouraging the use of maritime and land-based spatial planning in all member states around the Baltic sea and develop a common approach for cross-border cooperation
EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region - Horizontal Action „Spatial Planning”
EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

The EUSBSR is an integrated framework that allows the European Union and Member States to identify needs and match them to the available resources by coordinating of appropriate policies, thus enabling the Baltic Sea Region to achieve a sustainable environment and optimal economic and social development.
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Horizontal Action „Spatial Planning"

VASAB jointly with HELCOM are the Horizontal Action Coordinators of the Horizontal Action within the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR).


The Horizontal Action "Spatial Planning" is of key importance in ensuring coherence between EUSBSR actions and maintaining an integrated approach. Comprehensive overview of the Region and knowledge of sensitive areas, populations, economic pressures and other factors, both at sea and on land, are prerequisites for feasible sustainable development. This relates both to the situation on land and at sea.

More information about HELCOM, a co-leader of the Horizontal Action is available HERE.


The overall goal of the Horizontal Action "Spatial Planning" is to achieve territorial cohesion perspective in the Baltic Sea Region by 2030, i.e. the Region shall be well-integrated and coherent macro-region, and it has overcome the socio-economic development divides between its individual parts and turned the global challenges into assets.

The strategic target of the Horizontal Action is to draw up and apply of trans-boundary, ecosystem-based Maritime Spatial Plans throughout the region in 2020/2021. It means the Baltic Sea countries should aim at developing national maritime spatial plans by applying an ecosystem-approach, and that the planning should be coherent across the borders which calls for close trans-boundary cooperation.

HA Spatial Planning has two thematic areas – maritime spatial planning (MSP) and land-based spatial planning.

The joint HELCOM-VASAB Maritime Spatial Planning Working Group acts as the Steering Committee for the HA Spatial Planning concerning MSP issues. VASAB CSPD/BSR acts as Steering Committee for the land-based spatial planning issues.


More information about roles and responsibilities of the involved actors is available HERE

Brochure about Horizontal Action "Spatial Planning" can be downloaded HERE.

Presentation about Horizontal Action "Spatial Planning" can be found HERE.


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