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6-7 November 2006 VASAB Annual Conference 2006 "Future of our Baltic Europe territory", Warsaw
Baltic Sea Region input to the Rotterdam Process and the Long-term Perspective on Spatial Development of the Baltic Sea Region

Main aims of the conference were:

  • to discuss the Baltic Sea Region stakeholders input to the Rotterdam process, work on the future shape of the documents: "Territorial State and Perspective of the EU" and "The Territorial Agenda of the EU" for the informal Ministerial Conference in Leipzig, in May 2007;
  • to make round of discussion with the BSR stakeholders on aims and goals, content, structure and work organization (including financial aspects) of a Long-term Perspective of Spatial Development, to be developed during the period 2007-2009.

Background information

Ministers responsible for spatial planning and development met in Gdansk in September 2005 for the 6th Ministerial meeting within the VASAB cooperation Visions and Strategies around the Baltic Sea. The joint declaration of the Ministerial meeting mandated VASAB, encouraged by the CBSS, to develop a "Long-term Perspective of Spatial Development" e.g. a common vision of long-term development of the region, in co-operation with all important regional stakeholders and Pan-Baltic organisations. VASAB was embarking on this challenging work already in 2006, therefore involved stakeholders in order to create a broad and inclusive process. Further, the Ministerial Declaration also instructed the VASAB Committee for Spatial Development to actively participate in the so called "Rotterdam process" to develop a territorial agenda for the EU. VASAB in this context was encouraged by the chair countries of the EU to facilitate an input from BSR stakeholders to the Rotterdam process.



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