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23-24 June 2016 MSP Conference: Maritime Spatial Planning Worlwide, Azores
MSP Conference: Maritime Spatial Planning Worlwide, Azores

The conference on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) Worldwide is the 6th in a series of events organised by the Commission's DG for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries on MSP and its various connections to economic sectors and the environment. As in previous editions, the conference aims at furthering the understanding of MSP and at sharing experiences among policy makers, practitioners, academics and stakeholders. Unlike its predecessors, both its topic and target audience are global.

The EU has taken several steps to better manage its seas and oceans, including the adoption of the Maritime Strategy Framework Directive and the Maritime Spatial Planning Directive. These instruments are now in the process of being implemented, setting new benchmarks and breaking new ground. Now is also the time to look beyond the European experience for examples of what type of solutions worked under which conditions, what obstacles may lay ahead and what benefits await. In order to address global challenges, like climate change and sustainable development, it may also be useful to consider issues related to international and cross-border cooperation and the development of synergies.

The conference seeks to address these subjects by bringing together a group of high-level experts and a diverse audience ready to engage on the subject of MSP.

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