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Past events related to spatial planning and territorial development in the BSR
19-20 May 2014 European Maritime Day 2014, Bremen

European Maritime Day will be devoted to innovation and maritime technologies. More information

29 April 2014 CBSS-Baltic 21 -2nd Roundtable "Climate Change Adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region", Warsaw

The meeting will discuss:

• Proposals on the potential set-ups of a cooperation formats on climate change adaptation ('ad hoc' working group, dialogue platform, network etc.) based on draft Terms of Reference that will be prepared by the CBSS-Baltic 21 Secretariat as background material prior to the meeting;
• Further topics of transnational interest in the field of climate change based on the BSR climate change adaptation strategy and action plan;
• How to focus climate work, capacity building and knowledge exchange to BSR municipalities as well as to better facilitate adaptation work on local and sub-regional level through national actions;
• How to potentially involve pan-Baltic organizations like UBC, VASAB, HELCOM and BSSSC and others, strategically working on climate change in the Baltic Sea Region.


10-11 April 2014 ENECON Final Conference “Challenges and opportunities for territorial development and cohesion in a North European macro-region”, Vilnius

The ESPON Contact Points from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden, invite to the final conference of the ENECON project.

A selection of ESPON findings will be presented, in particular from projects which are considered relevant for policy-making in a North European context.

10 April 2014 PartiSEApate workshop "Resolving of Sea Use Conflicts in the Baltic Sea and Opportunities provided by a transnational MSP Perspective"

The main goal of the workshop is to organise horizontal interaction between sea use sectors about synergies & conflicts and to discuss the opportunities and related governance processes in transnational Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP).

9-10 April 2014 5th Working Meeting of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR), Tallinn

The main topic addresses operational aspects in the implementation of the Strategy. The first day of the Meeting will be devoted to discuss how to enhance cooperation and coordination within the EUSBSR. The discussion will concentrate primarily on the Priority Areas and Horizontal Actions. The second day will be dedicated to exchange views on how to organise daily coordination between Priority Area Coordinators, Horizontal Action Leaders and bodies in charge of different funding instruments within the framework of the EUSBSR.

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