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Past events related to spatial planning and territorial development in the BSR
28 November 2013 VASAB workshop "Cultivating new ideas for the territorial development of the BSR", Riga
Think Baltic – Act Spatial

icon Agenda of VASAB workshop Cultivating new ideas for the territorial development of the BSR

icon Summary of VASAB workshop „Cultivating new ideas for the territorial development of the Baltic Sea Region

Workshop presentations:

icon Presentation: Territorial Cohesion in the Baltic Sea Region. Empirical findings from ESPON BSR-TeMo. Tomas Hanell, Aalto University.

icon Presentation: Maritime spatial planning efforts in the Region; achievements and what needs to be done. Jacek Zaucha, Maritime Institute of Gdansk.

icon Presentation: Accessibility challenges in the Baltic Sea Region. Findings of ESPON projects Klaus Spiekermann, Spiekermann&Wegener Urban and Regional Research.

icon Presentation:Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020 Elena Kolosova, BSR Programme JTS.

icon Presentation: Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 Aiga Plesanova, Programme Writer.

icon Presentation: ESPON post 2013 Programme, the European Observation Network for Territorial Development and Cohesion Kristine Rasina, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Latvia.

icon Presentation: Cross-border cooperation programmes. Latvia-Lithuania Programme Iruma Kravale, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regiional Development, Latvia.


The purpose of the workshop:

  • Bring together policy makers, experts and practitioners from various sectors and governance levels interested in better spatial planning and regional development,
  • Make an overview of spatial demands and challenges in the Baltic Sea Region,
  • Summarize actions needed to implement VASAB Long-Term Perspective during the next EU programming period,
  • Make an overview of funding sources available for the three pillars of VASAB Long-Term Perspective (territorial development and urban-rural cooperation, internal and external accessibility and maritime spatial planning),
  • Generate new project ideas relevant for EU SBSR Horizontal Action "Spatial Planning", some of them could potentially materialize into new Flagship Projects
  • Contribute to the upcoming VASAB Ministerial conference by highlighting new steps to territorial cohesion in the Region

The event was financed out of Technical assistance grant of the EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy.


15 November 2013 MSP workshop series: 2. Fisheries and Aquaculture, Vilnius

The European Commission is organising the series of stakeholder workshops to assess the benefits and challenges of MSP for specific maritime sectors and activities. On 14 June 2013, in Dublin, the first meeting was dedicated to MSP and energy. Second workshop in Vilnius will be dedicated to fisheries and aquaculture and will gather experts, industries and NGOs to discuss the coexistence and synergies between fisheries, aquaculture and other maritime sectors in a context of increasing use of marine space.


14 November 2013 Fishing for space, Vilnius
Conference on maritime spatial planning and fisheries management

HELCOM Workshop on Maritime Spatial Planning and Fisheries in cooperation with ICES, BSRAC and PartiSEApate project

12-13 November 2013 Workshop: MSP Offshore Wind Energy, Vilnius
PartiSEApate project pan-Baltic stakeholders workshop

Marine spatial planning as a tool for coherent offshore wind energy development in the Baltic Sea Region.

Offshore wind parks have been a key driver for MSP as they represent a new place-based infrastructure, often in competition for space with other uses, and no comprehensive mapping of existing or planned marine wind energy parks exists for the BSR and discussions have mainly taken a national rather than a pan-Baltic perspective.


11-12 November 2013 4th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, Vilnius

The event, entitled 'Baltic Sea, Baltic Growth, Baltic Environment', will focus on the environmental challenges faced by the Baltic Sea region, and the potential to turn these challenges into opportunities for economic growth, competitiveness and job creation.


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