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25 September 2014 20 years of VASAB 2010
Side event to the 8th VASAB Conference of Ministers Responsible for Spatial Planning and Development of the BSR

VASAB celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the first VASAB common strategic document – Vision and Strategies around the Baltic Sea 2010, agreed in the 3rd Ministerial Conference in 1994 in Tallinn. The document has played significant role for the spatial development of the whole Baltic Sea Region.

This informal meeting of VASAB family looked back to the achievements and memorable moments of the VASAB history, as well as sketched out possible future role of this cooperation network.


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icon Programme of event 20 years of VASAB 2010

icon VASAB Over the Years

icon Vision and Strategies around the Baltic Sea 2010. Towards a Framework for Spatial Development in the Baltic Sea Region

Baltic Maritime Spatial Planning Forum, Riga
PartiSEApate Conference

VASAB together with the PartiSEApate project organised the Baltic Maritime Spatial Planning Forum - PartiSEApate Conference which took place on 17th – 18th June, 2014 in Riga, Latvia.


The forum served as a platform for discussions among those involved and affected by Maritime Spatial Planning on how to further develop and enhance MSP in the Baltic Sea Region.

The purpose of the Forum was:

  • Bring together practitioners and researchers interested in maritime spatial planning (MSP), as well as policy makers and stakeholders involved in marine and coastal activities;
  • Show experiences and practices on MSP approaches and marine resources management;
  • Establish a maritime spatial planners platform for exchange of knowledge and experience and discussion on practical and technical planning matters;
  • Discuss conclusions and recommendationsof the PartiSEApate project on Concept for a transnational institutional and governance model on transnational coordination, agreements and data exchange in MSP, Recommendations for transnational MSP and stakeholder involvement process;
  • Discuss transposition and application of the upcoming EU Directive on establishing a framework for MSP and integrated coastal management;
  • Discuss on how to enhance and ensure continuity of maritime stakeholder dialogue;
  • Propose further steps for a successful implementation of the Regional Baltic MSP Roadmap 2013-2020;
  • Set the basis for new cooperation projects under HA Spatial Planning of the EUSBSR;
  • Investigate further needs in capacity building and specialized education related to MSP;
  • Contribute to the upcoming VASAB Ministerial Conference by devising new sea basin approaches in order to draw up and apply of trans-boundary ecosystem-based maritime spatial plans to the Region by 2020.

Participants: Approximately 200 persons (MSP practitioners, marine researchers, project PartiSEApate partners, decision makers and stakeholders).

Forum covered the following topics:

  • Latest Developments in MSP in the Baltic Sea and other European Sea Basins;
  • Sectors Perspectives on the benefits of MSP in the Baltic Sea;
  • MSP and Environmental Protection;
  • How to enhance Baltic Sea wide cooperation and consultation on MSP;
  • Ways of Multi-Level Public Participation in MSP;
  • Research and Data needs for MSP.

The discussions were supplemented by an exhibition of case studies, tools and data modules relevant for spatial planning.


The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES)
Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management
Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Latvia

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  Short movie about the Baltic MSP Forum





28-29 January 2014 Joint HELCOM-VASAB MSP WG meeting, Riga

The focus of the meeting will be on planning the future work of HELCOM-VASAB MSP Working Group for the implementation of the Regional Baltic MSP Roadmap 2013-2020 and preparation for the VASAB Ministerial Conference.

22 January 2014 VASAB CSPD/BSR Open TROIKA meeting, Riga

The VASAB Troika meeting consists of representatives of current, former and the next chairing countries – Russia, Finland and Estonia. The task of the meeting is to prepare the meeting of VASAB Committee on Spatial Planning and Development of the Baltic Sea Region that is planned to be held on 11-12 February 2014 in Warsaw, Poland.

12 December 2013 VASAB Stakeholder meeting „Creating synergies for well-integrated and coherent Baltic Sea Region”, Helsinki

On 12 December 2013 representatives of the Baltic Sea Region pan-Baltic organizations, PACs/HALs/NCPs of the EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy, VASAB cooperation partners and flagship project partners came together to summarize the current status of implementation of the VASAB Long-Term Perspective for Territorial Development and discuss the ways how to carry out a harmonized stakeholder dialogue towards a well-integrated and coherent Baltic Sea macro-region. The VASAB stakeholder meeting contributed to the upcoming VASAB Ministerial Conference.

28 November 2013 VASAB workshop "Cultivating new ideas for the territorial development of the BSR", Riga
Think Baltic – Act Spatial

icon Agenda of VASAB workshop Cultivating new ideas for the territorial development of the BSR

icon Summary of VASAB workshop „Cultivating new ideas for the territorial development of the Baltic Sea Region

Workshop presentations:

icon Presentation: Territorial Cohesion in the Baltic Sea Region. Empirical findings from ESPON BSR-TeMo. Tomas Hanell, Aalto University.

icon Presentation: Maritime spatial planning efforts in the Region; achievements and what needs to be done. Jacek Zaucha, Maritime Institute of Gdansk.

icon Presentation: Accessibility challenges in the Baltic Sea Region. Findings of ESPON projects Klaus Spiekermann, Spiekermann&Wegener Urban and Regional Research.

icon Presentation:Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020 Elena Kolosova, BSR Programme JTS.

icon Presentation: Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 Aiga Plesanova, Programme Writer.

icon Presentation: ESPON post 2013 Programme, the European Observation Network for Territorial Development and Cohesion Kristine Rasina, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Latvia.

icon Presentation: Cross-border cooperation programmes. Latvia-Lithuania Programme Iruma Kravale, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regiional Development, Latvia.


The purpose of the workshop:

  • Bring together policy makers, experts and practitioners from various sectors and governance levels interested in better spatial planning and regional development,
  • Make an overview of spatial demands and challenges in the Baltic Sea Region,
  • Summarize actions needed to implement VASAB Long-Term Perspective during the next EU programming period,
  • Make an overview of funding sources available for the three pillars of VASAB Long-Term Perspective (territorial development and urban-rural cooperation, internal and external accessibility and maritime spatial planning),
  • Generate new project ideas relevant for EU SBSR Horizontal Action "Spatial Planning", some of them could potentially materialize into new Flagship Projects
  • Contribute to the upcoming VASAB Ministerial conference by highlighting new steps to territorial cohesion in the Region

The event was financed out of Technical assistance grant of the EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy.


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