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Baltic Sea Region MSP Data Expert Sub-Group

Successful implementation of MSP depends on good quality data and information, as this has already widely acknowledged at the Baltic Sea Region policy and project level. Data quality, accessibility and availability are crucial when considering transboundary context where consistent use of data is an important prerequisite for creating a coherent network of maritime spatial plans.

In order to achieve the goal of the Regional Baltic MSP Roadmap (to draw up and apply maritime spatial plans throughout the Baltic Sea Region by 2020 which are coherent across borders and apply the ecosystem approach), VASAB and HELCOM has established the Baltic Sea Region MSP Data Expert Sub-group (MSP Data Expert sub-group) as a sub-group to the joint HELCOM-VASAB MSP Working Group.

The aim of BSR MSP Data Expert sub-group is to support data, information and evidence availability for MSP processes with regard to cross-border / trans-boundary planning issues to ensure comparability of maritime spatial plans in the Baltic Sea Region. The BSR MSP Data Expert sub-group facilitates the work of the HELCOM-VASAB MSP WG, as well as helps with implementation of the Regional Baltic MSP Roadmap 2013-2020.

The Chair of the BSR MSP Data Expert sub-group: Ms. Kristīne Kedo, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (Latvia).

Documents of the Baltic Sea Region MSP Data Expert Sub-group meetings are available HERE

icon Terms of Reference for a Baltic Sea Region MSP Data Expert Sub-group (BSR MSP Data ESG)


The MSP Data group has been working since autumn 2015 and has been supported by Interreg BSR technical assistance project ”Horizontal Action ”Spatial Planning” Support 2” (HASPS 2). In order to document the progress, MSP Dara group has prepared a First Report of its work.

The document defines the general structure of MSP data, provides information about currently available data sets which are agreed as most relevant in transboundary cooperation and consultations, identifies the list of data and information gaps and challenges, as well as indicates the further steps and vision of MSP data management in the Baltic Sea Region.

In case you have any comment or suggestion on the MSP Data Expert group outcomes, please, send your feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

icon MSP Data Group First Report

icon Annexes to the First Report


In order to provide a general overview of the MSP process in the Baltic Sea Region countries, the BSR MSP Data group has accomplished its first attempt to visualize the status of the maritime spatial plans in the BSR. The visualization is publicly available on the HELCOM Map and Data Service: HERE


In its 9th meeting of 17-18 April in Vilnius, Lithuania, the BSR MSP Data expert group agreed on the Recommendations for transboundary MSP output data. These Recommendations set out technical requirements (data specification) for the interoperability and harmonisation of spatial data sets corresponding to the transboundary/cross-border maritime spatial planning output data (MSP output data). Recommendations prescribe how the GIS data, presenting MSP output data, could be structured in a convenient and flexible way, so they can be comprehensible to stakeholders from other countries. In this regard the Recommendations aim to ensure the coherence of the maritime spatial plans across the Baltic Sea region, as well as support transboundary consultations.

Recommendations also indicate next steps that need to be taken towards a common Baltic MSP web-map where MSP output data of all BSR countries will be displayed in a harmonized way.

icon Recommendations for transboundary MSP output data