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After being presented to the 2nd Baltic MSP Forum, the initial outcomes of Baltic Sea Region MSP Data Expert Sub-group are now available for wider public

Upon the given tasks MSP Data Expert Sub-group has identified main transboundary/cross-border MSP themes and developed a relevant list on available data sets necessary for development of coherent maritime spatial plans across the Baltic Sea region.
The list on available data sets are structured into 11 themes accordingly to the Directive (2014/89/EU) establishing a framework for maritime spatial planning (MSP Directive). Although for national maritime spatial planning purposes there is a need for wide range of data sets on different scales, MSP Data group agreed on most important data sets which are relevant from transboundary cooperation and consultation perspective. It is noted that other existing maritime spatial plans (both within the country and neighbouring countries) also serve as input information for MSP. 
In order to achieve the goal of the Regional Baltic MSP Roadmap (to draw up and apply maritime spatial plans throughout the Baltic Sea Region by 2020 which are coherent across borders and apply the ecosystem approach), VASAB and HELCOM has established the Baltic Sea Region MSP Data Expert Sub-group as a sub-group to the joint HELCOM-VASAB MSP Working Group. MSP Data Expert Sub-group has been given a mandate to support data, information and evidence availability for MSP processes with regard to cross-border / trans-boundary planning issues to ensure comparability of maritime spatial plans in the Baltic Sea Region.
In case you have any comment or suggestion on the MSP Data Expert group outcome, please, send your feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
INPUT data 30 November 2016