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VASAB hosts the Networking Village of the EUSBSR VI Annual Forum with 25 dedicated pan-Baltic exhibitors

As part of the activities comprised in the VI Annual Forum of the EUSBSR, the Networking Village includes 25 organisations which showcase their work within the EUSBSR. One of them is also VASAB (Vision and Strategies Around the Baltic Sea) which is co-leading the Horizontal Action 'Spatial Planning' and coorganising the VI Annual Forum of the EUSBSR.

The Head of VASAB Secretariat and EUSBSR Horizontal Action Leader on 'Spatial Planning', Tālis Linkaits recognizes that the Forum is like a benchmarking tool, where it is possible to show what organisations have done since the previous Forum and compare with what other stakeholders have achieved.

Photos of the first day of Networking Village are available HERE


15 May 2015 6th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, Jurmala

On 15-16 June, the 6th Annual Forum of the European Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) entitled "Achieving e-Quality by Connecting the Region", will take place in Jūrmala, Latvia. It will be one of the large-scale international events hosted during the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The key themes of the event will be the future of the EUSBSR, competitiveness of the region and digital connectivity – how information and communication technology is transforming the region and changing peoples' lives.

The Annual Forum is a major gathering of regional experts, government officials, businesses, representatives from non-governmental organisations (NGO), students and academics, and other stakeholders from the Baltic Sea Region that includes Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Poland. The Annual Forum will provide for an excellent opportunity to discuss common challenges, analyse the overall progress of the EUSBSR and look forward to its future implementation. This year VASAB is among the organizers and partners of the Annual Forum. The Forum will include thematic session on implementation of maritime spatial planning in the Baltic Sea countries.

More information about the VI Annual Forum is available HERE


Procedure of granting support letters to the potential flagship projects

Land-based projects

On 22-23 January 2015 VASAB CSPD/BSR has agreed on the procedure of granting support letters on behalf of EUSBSR Horizontal Action "Spatial Planning" to the potential flagship projects related to land-based spatial planning:

• VASAB requests all interested project developers to submit their project ideas (in the form of Concept Note or extended project description) at least 7 (seven) working days before the deadline for submitting applications to the funding programme;
• VASAB Secretariat serves as a contact point;
• VASAB Secretariat verifies if the formal requirements of a flagship project are met by the applicant;
• VASAB CSPD/BSR members are consulted before proposing formal decision;
• Decision to grant Letter of Commitment or Letter of Support is made by the VASAB CSPD/BSR via written procedure or at the CSPD/BSR meeting. Written procedure may take up to 7 (seven) days.

Baltic Sea Region Ministers Responsible for Spatial Planning and Development meet in Tallinn
1 October 2014

A conference of ministers responsible for spatial planning and development of 11 Baltic Sea Region countries was held in Tallinn, Estonia on 26 September 2014. This was already the 8th ministerial conference within the framework of VASAB cooperation. The previous one took place in October 2009 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

During the conference, ministers had set new tasks and objectives, which will promote cooperation between the cities, improve the internal and external accessibility of Region, and enhance maritime spatial planning. However, the main goal remains the unchanged – in 2030 the Baltic Sea Region should become a well-integrated and coherent macro-region, which has overcome the socio-economic development divides between its individual parts and turned the global challenges into assets.

VASAB presents comprehensive book about MSP in the Baltic Sea Region

During the Baltic Maritime Spatial Planning Forum in Riga on 18 June 2014 VASAB presented the book "THE KEY TO GOVERNING THE FRAGILE BALTIC SEA. Maritime Spatial Planning in the Baltic Sea Region and Way Forward" by author Jacek Zaucha.

This book provides an introduction to the origin, evolution and the current state (up till January 2014) of the maritime spatial planning (MSP) in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) and proposals for its further development. The book includes Baltic Sea Broad-scale MSP principles, good practices in MSP and minimum requirements for transboundary MSP in the Baltic Sea Region prepared within Plan Bothnia project.

17 June 2014 Baltic MSP Forum, Riga
PartiSEApate Conference

VASAB together with the PartiSEApate project organised the Baltic Maritime Spatial Planning Forum - PartiSEApate Conference which took place on 17th – 18th June, 2014 in Riga, Latvia. The forum served as a platform for discussions among those involved and affected by Maritime Spatial Planning on how to further develop and enhance MSP in the Baltic Sea Region.


More information and outcomes of the Baltic MSP Forum can be found HERE



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