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VASAB Stakeholder Workshop on 15 May 2018 in Brussels
Achieving coherent and sustainable development of macro-region - Unique team-work of the countries around the Baltic Sea

Many know that Baltic Sea Region had the first macro-regional strategy in the European Union. But not so many realize that macro-regional cooperation in the Baltics takes place for many decades.

What is the added-value of macro-regional cooperation? What are the benefits of common actions and mutual knowledge as the main pillars fostering coherent and sustainable regional development in three themes: urban networking and urban–rural cooperation, internal and external accessibility and maritime spatial planning? What are the future challenges and opportunities for macro-regional cooperation after 2020? These will be the main topics for discussion of the VASAB workshop on 15 May 2018.
In Preparation: Spatial Vision of the NSB CoRe Corridor

VASAB Secretariat is elaborating a unique spatial planning document – a spatial vision for a transport corridor. Since 2016 VASAB Secretariat together with 15 other partners of the NSB CoRe project as well as many interested urban and transport planners, national, regional and local authorities, and other stakeholders are preparing transnational spatial vision of the NSB CoRe corridor. The vision should be ready by the end of 2018.

Final regional workshop “Accessibility Needs Along and Beyond the Core Corridors”


On March 14 in Vaasa, Finland, VASAB Secretariat is organizing a regional workshop on accessibility needs along the North Sea-Baltic TEN-T corridor in the Northern Baltic Sea Region. The 6th and the final regional workshop of the project NSB CoRe is organized during the E12 Atlantica Transport final conference “A Borderless Future!”.

New ESPON project


On 9 February the ESPON European and Macro-regional Territorial Monitoring Tool project kicked-off in Brussels. The aim of this ESPON activity is to develop a practical and operational tool to continuously observe the development trends and patterns taking place in Europe and its macro-regions, including the Baltic Sea Region. The tool should help the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region to monitor its objectives and activities.

Regional Workshop on Accessibility Needs Along and Beyond the North Sea-Baltic Corridor 08/02/2018 Kaunas

VASAB Secretariat is pleased to invite you to the regional workshop on accessibility needs along the North Sea-Baltic TEN-T corridor in the Baltic States and Poland that will take place on February 8, 2018, in Kaunas, Lithuania. The 5th regional workshop will place a special emphasis on accessibility needs along the NSB CoRe corridor in the Baltic States and Poland that can be addressed by spatial planning.

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